Image Icons End-to-End Solution

A unified solution for effective administration, student management, billing, registration, reports, communication, and CRM.

Image Icons Any Academy or System

Collegephins can support all institution types at all levels of education.

Image Icons Full GDPR Compliance

Collegephins allows any institute to implement all of the GDPR requirements and principles easily.

Image Icons Secure & Reliable

The software provides a reliable solution and can handle large-scale institutes with hundreds of thousands of students.

Image Icons Integrated

Collegephins offers a solution to the entire infrastructure of your institute due to its multi platform integration and third-party software solutions.

Image Icons Flexible & Customizable

Collegephins is a flexible, customizable and functional rich management system based on ready-made templates.

Image Icons Functional Rich

Are you tired of simple and free software that does not meet your requirements? Have you tried to customize well known ERPs or CRM platform with no success? Meeting your highest expectations is our standard and Collegephins smart management system was developed to meet your needs.

Image Icons Implements Adaptive Curriculum and Learning

Collegephins is an innovative and dynamic management system. The development team invested heavily in adaptive curriculums and learning techniques providing you with tools that will allow you to implement adaptive learning technology effectively.

Image Icons Adequate for Both Large & Small Customers

Collegephins is best suited for larger organizations such as a Ministry or a group of institutes. Nevertheless, Collegephins is a practical solution for small academies and schools providing a downsized version that comes up with a simple configuration.

Image Icons Open School

Collegephins promotes the open school idea. Hence, it allows all users in the school ecosystem to establish reliable communication and collaboration channels via offering collaboration tools.

Image Icons Cloud & Mobile Based

If you have tried of legacy systems or simplistic web-based Student Information Systems that failed to meet your expectations, Collegephins provides you a real cloud, web-based solution that will meet your requirements.

Image Icons Value for Money

Collegephins management system offers a unique financial offer, relatively to other well-known legacy school and learning platforms, providing a wide range of features available.