Q. How do I suggest new features for Collegephins?

Collegephins uses an online forum to track new feature requests and gather feedback from our users on which feature requests are most important to our community. Also can give your feedback in the form of message, which is been featured in our website.

Q. Do you test Collegephins to avoid bugs?

Absolutely, yes. We test Collegephins Learning on multiple levels to make sure you experience as few hitches as possible. Along with automated tests of our code, we also test new features & updates in the market popular browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Q. What are the hardware requirements of Collegephins?

Collegephins is hosted on a Cloud Environment which facilitates uninterrupted application access and all you need is a Desktop with Internet connectivity.

Q. How Collegephins does ensure confidentiality of our data?

Application is highly secured and we have used latest technologies in the market to make it more reliable right from the design point.

Q. Can Collegephins Institution Admin be accessed from different Computers with in our Institution?

We did not restrict the users to a specific computer and yes it can be accessed from different computers as long as you have valid credentials.

Q. How do we get pricing information?

All pricing information can be explained in detail by our Sales Team.

Q. Do you have to have a registered domain name for Collegephins?

No there is no need for that.

Q. Can I import existing data in to your software?

Well, you can import your data through our Self Explanatory Load Data Screens.

Q. Do you provide implementation of institution data in the software?

Yes, we do. We provide implementation as a service.

Q. Are there any Hidden charges?

No, there are no hidden charges. You will have to just make the payment as per our agreement along with SMS Usage charges.

Q. Can I Resell this software?

No, but you can become our Channel partner. Please contact us for more information

Q. Is there any mobile app to Collegephins?

We have both Android and iOS Mobile Applications available.

Q. How does Collegephins support my compliance reporting requirements?

Collegephins is a report rich system, providing institute with 20+ pre-defined format reports.

Q. How does Collegephins handle multiple campuses?

Collgephins is ideal for multiple campuses! Though each college is a separate entity it brings together all branches under one umbrella, exclusively for Super Admin for efficient management.

Q. How many Institutions can be integrated with Collegephins?

Collegephins can accommodate unlimited number of clients.

Q. Do I need any special software to connect to Collgephins?

No, as long as you have access to an Internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox

Q. How much customization is included in the package?
  1. The Institution logo, name & address will be changed.
  2. Institution Website, Landing Web Page.
  3. 3-5 more requested reports could be designed.
  4. In case of major changes extra amount will be charged according to job.
Q. What are the hardware requirements of Collegephins?

Collegephins is hosted on a Cloud Environment which facilitates uninterrupted application access and all you need is a Desktop with Internet connectivity.

Q. Why the application is divided into separate modules?

There are many reasons but some of them are:

  1. Institutions have an option to purchase selective modules according to their needs
  2. Network based school all the modules are installed on different PCs w.r.t.department needs.
  3. For new version of some modules upgrade of whole network is not required.
Q. How will Collegephins support my unique education system?

Collegephins is able to support different kinds of educational board or curriculums. Grading system, class levels, timetable and reports cards are all customizable within minutes. We will demonstrate it to you during our visit.

Q. Does Collegephins offer training service?

It is our hope that our interface is intuitive and easy to follow from the start. Also we have incorporated both Help Texts on each screen along with training videos. If you still encounter problems, you always have access to our live chat support personnel who are ready to assist you.

Q. Are there any renewal fees for website or online server?

No, it's all included in the packaged price.

Q. Can I have option to upgrade from one package to other package once I bought the software?

Yes, you can upgrade your software anytime you would like to.

Q. Do I need pay extra for the SMS?

Yes, SMS pricing is additional as per your usage.

Q. Will I be bound to any long term contract?

No. We charge only on a installment basis for the Academic Year. You may terminate the account with a one month notice period.

Q. As this an Internet application, is it safe for me to transmit my information VIA the web?

Your data is treated as importantly as online banks treat financial information, which is why we use the same Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology when transmitting information between your computer and our servers.

Q. Collegephins is good but still I am expecting more features. What should I do for that?

Just contact our experts to meet this requirement. Our software is highly customizable therefore you can add or delete anything with simple changes in settings.

Q. Why client should go for Collegephins when there is other institution management software in the market?

Collegephins is unique in various ways. A long team of trained and skilled experts has designed its every feature and button with great care after carrying out extensive research while keeping all requirements in mind. Therefore, it proves useful for every kind of school and institution.

Q. Does Collegephins offer any ability for individual staffs to create their own personal Institution-related Web Sites/Pages?

No we do not have this feature in our current release but we have it in our to-do list.

Q. We want Collegephins now, but we are in the middle of the session?

No worry. You pay exactly as per the usage. We will charge for the current session as how many months left to complete your current session.

Q. I’m a parent, can I get Collegephins?

You can only use Collegephins if your child's Institutions has it set up.

Q. What is the procedure to start?

Please give us a call or shoot an Email and one of our CRM members will touch base.

Q. How easy is it to upgrade your ERP?

It is as easy as a Phone call and you will be upgraded in minutes as per your requirement.

Q. Collegephins is suitable for which type of Institutions?

Collegephins is suitable for all Institution. No matter whether you are running a small school, big or a chain of Institutions, you can use Collegephins. Not just this, it suits Pre-K, schools, colleges, coaching centers or other educational institutions too where there is a necessity for efficient management.

Q. Do you refund money if I do not like your software?

Absolutely. At any point of time if you are unhappy and not satisfied with the functionality, performance or the services offered by Collegephins your money back is guaranteed.

Q. Is there trial version for your Collegephins?

We do have a demo version, present here on the website. We have a video which can let you peek into the features of our software also we may provide trial version too. Please, contact our sales to know more about the same.

Q. Do you have offline version of software too or just computer based software?

Collegephins is a Cloud based online software which can be accessed and managed from any part of the Globe and it does not support offline version.

Q. What are the benefits of Collegephins?

Collegephins is of great use to everyone. It is for administrators, staffs, parents, students, other staff members etc. There are modules in the software which will help everyone to a great extent. Please, refer to our page on FEATURES to know more about our software.

Q. Can we export the reports into PDF or CSV format?

Of course! You can go ahead and convert your reports as Excel or PDF formats. It’s a very helpful option, since you can fully format and easily customize your reports, if needed.

Q. Is this software display particular Institution logo or company logo?

Yes, Institutions can have their logo and name with the software. Even they can import their own Institution picture with the Home screen of the Collegephins software.

Q. What is the mode of payment?

You can pay online. You can pay through debit card, credit card etc. You can pay by bank-to-bank transfer as well. You can also contact our executives to discuss the payment plan.

Q. Is any data backup facility?

Yes, there is data backup facility too. Customers can retrieve their data with no difficulty at all.

Q. What about hosting server?

Collegephins is hosted on a Cloud Environment which facilitates uninterrupted application access 24/7.

Q. Is training provided on how to use Collegephins?

Yes, training is provided, our manuals would just be enough for anyone to understand everything about the software but still we provide one-on-one training to help our customers as per the request. Also we have several help videos on most of our screens which will help users become experts on screens in a short period of time.

Q. Do you provide support service?

Yes, we do. We provide support services any time you need. We support our clients through email, chat, phone call etc.

Q. How long can I use your software?

Well, you can use our Collegephins Institution Management Software as long as you would like to with no trouble at all. You will have to just renew your package by making the payment online as per your payment terms.

Q. Can Collegephins be customized for my Institution?

Yes, we would be glad to discuss your specific requirements and provide suitable solution.

Q. Is there any limit on students per Institutions?

There are no such limits. Collegephins is designed to perform at top gear for governments, townships and educational groups where there is a need to manage multiple institutions under a single controlled management.

Q. Can Collegephins create Institution's website?

Collegephins has a unique Guest View Interface which creates a Institution Specific Website. It can be configured by the administration team as per their requirements and web content will dynamically reflect on Collegephins website when any outside Guest browses through their institution. Collegephins objective is to unify diversified Institution websites under one single platform as every institution’s common primary motto is to provide better education for future generations.

Q. Can I try before I buy Collegephins Software?

You can access our complete demo. Given the nature of the system, it is not feasible for us to set up a trial for each customer, but our demo is set up to enable you to experience the full range of features along with the intuitive interface we’ve designed.

Q. Is Student information kept over the years?

Yes and it is easily accessible. You can see the history of a student from the moment they join till they leave.

Q. Do I need to install any software?

No. Collegephins is a web application accessible through your browser. This means you can access it from any web enabled computer

Q. What happens to the information when the academic year is rolled-over?

All historical data is kept and none of it is deleted. All the relevant users have access to their data.

Q. Can staffs view confidential information?

Security can be configured to your specific requirements. It is up to you to decide who can view or edit what information.

Q. Which Browser do you support?

We support recent versions of Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and others.

Q. I like Collegephins but still there are a few more features, which I am looking for, what shall I do?

We believe in the philosophy of customer co-creation. You can innovate better than us. Your new feature requests or suggestions can be posted here. Alternatively, please get in touch with us to elaborate on details.

Q. If I have various branch of Institute will I need to install the ERP in all my campuses?

Collegephins is a web based application and it is driven based on the user type at the time of registration. Once logged in with a super admin account all branches specific information will be automatically linked and pulled up as setup in the system.

Q. We like our existing website. Can you just integrate our existing website with Collegephins?

We can provide a login page and redirect your users to the Collegephins Application, please contact us for more information.

Q. What about ID Cards?

Collegephins will generate Smart ID Cards for Students and Staff. You can just go to the Application’s Print Master screen and print the ID Cards in seconds.

Q. What about the payment Gateway?

Through the Institution website parents will be able to pay their fees online through their debit card, credit card or net banking and we are integrated with PayU to facilitate easy payments.

Q. Do I have to sign up for fixed term?

No there are no particular contracts involved for any fixed term, you can use the software for any specific term and with our exceptional service we will make to retain as our valuable customer for long term.

Q. What if I require only few modules instead of entire package?

There is a flexibility whereby one can procure the license for few packages of Collegephins which would be comprised of selected modules. Further on modules can be added based on your requirement as per discussions with the sales team.

Q. What if I face difficulty in using Collegephins after implementation?

We have a round the clock Support Centre available on Email, Phone or Chat can assist you using our Remote Support System, where our Support Executive will be able to access your server or your desktop remotely and offer your real-time support. Post-implementation, you will also be provided with a detailed user-guide.